This Couple Lives In A Bus To Escape Chicago’s High Cost Of Living

NARRATOR: Five years ago, Julie and Andrew Puckett were working in the theater industry in Chicago when they realized that working in the theater industry just wasn’t providing them with the salaries they needed to live in Chicago. JULIE PUCKETT: The cost of living was so high that Andrew and I both had to work […]

Marriage Advice – Smarter Every Day 181

Okay, story time About 15 years ago, I was just about to get married and Like in the tux is the whole bit, and my dad looks at me, and he says, “Son, “no matter what your wife makes to eat, you eat it, and you ask for seconds no questions asked.” Well a strange […]

Hugo Alley – No Destination [Official Video]

Bundaberg Holiday travel video guide, Queensland Australia

Bundaberg is an easy four hour drive north of Brisbane and is home to many of Queensland's great natural experiences we're at mon repos just out of Bundaberg and tonight we're going to view the turtle nesting so we've got our turtle here and she's nesting so she's just loaner X at the moment pretty […]

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A Steenbok's Fight For Life | Destination WILD

this sharp-sighted cheetah mother asks the Steinbach fawn from its cover she steers the phone into the path of her cubs the mother watches as her third cub joins in you against such determined predators the steam box seems doomed but instinct Spurs it on down but not out while their mother watches the three […]

Israel Tourist Attractions: 15 Top Places to Visit

Final Destination 5 – Trailer Deutsch German HD

ich versuche mal die puzzleteile zusammenzusetzen hier steht eine aussage protokoll ich wusste dass es passieren würde ich hatte eine vision sie haben alle vorab gewarnt dass die brücke einstürzen wird und minuten später tat sie es ich sage ihnen was ich glaube es gibt auf alles eine antwort die behörden bezeichnen den einsturz der […]