Our Three-Way Relationship Is A Beautiful Thing | EXTREME LOVE

Ashley: I would definitely say our love is extreme love. Not everybody can handle what it takes to have a three person relationship. Keila: There’s people that are going to judge of course because of peoples religion. Deborah: That’s my daughter, why did I not know this? I had to deal with all that. I […]

Louis Theroux strips off at a sensual eating party 🍆 – BBC

That night having called and run it past my wife I joined Ajay, Mateus and Joelle at an event organized by a group called sex-positive Portland. Yas, it’s nice to meet you. Dedicated to building deep emotional connection the group’s members are mostly in non-monogamous relationships. Details about the event were vague but it had […]

Polyamory – Teal Swan –

Hello there [poly] in Greek means many and [Amore] in Latin means love That there you have the basic definition for polyamory essentially polyamory is the practice of a non-exclusive intimate relationship between multiple people as opposed to monogamy which is the practice of an exclusive intimate relationship between just two people But a key […]

I Share My Boyfriend With His Husband | EXTREME LOVE

COMM: Matt and Chris have been together eight years, but they no longer share their bed with just each other. Meet New York’s newest relationship status: Chris, Matt and Cait are a thruple. MATT: The word ‘Thruple’ was just used to describe us since the beginning. We really didn’t know what to call ourselves. COMM: […]


Hello everybody, and welcome back to another episode of “I Don’t Bi It.” My name is Alayna Fender, and I’ll be your host. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions floating around about sexuality these days. So I’m here to get to the bottom of them. Or the top. I am so excited to […]

The Morality of Harems in Anime. | Soaring Stallion

Hello everyone, Soaring Stallion here. This episode’s theme is gallery. Today I want to ask a question: are harems wrong in anime? But first off why anime? Well, I love anime, I love anime for its difference, I love it for its ability to subvert taboos and explore issues. I love anime as a platform […]

Why Is Polygamy Bad?

welcome back to the david adventure welcome back to the struggle for the beginning to show i was in washington d_c_ over the weekend and i saw bunch of people including j tomlinson festival of podcast and one of the conversations we got into j tomlinson and uh… the young turks marketing director air why […]


Polyamory refers to wanting, having, or accepting more than one intimate romantic relationship at a time. In 84% of cultures worldwide, you can engage in this and other non-monogamous relationships, but it’s illegal to marry more than one person in most Western countries. What else do I want you to know about poly? I want […]

Polyamorous Mum Convinces Husband To Get A Second Wife

DEANNA RIVAS: We are in a relationship and we are gonna do this till death do us part. I see Melissa as my wife and I see Emanuel as my husband and I’m their wife. MELISSA JAMES: All right, let’s cook. DEANNA RIVAS: Perfect. COMM: Husband and wife Manny and DeAnna live happily with their […]