We're Getting Married PRANK on Girlfriend! GOES HORRIBLY WRONG!

hey guys how's it going first off I want to let you know that I have just released a brand new song I'll pop the link to the music video in the description below definitely check it out and let me know what you think now on with the prank so the other day Kate […]

I GOT MARRIED!!!? (on #ETN4)

hey guys it's ro welcome back to my channel I have the dogs with me today they are both taking little puppy naps right now well blues getting settled she's like getting cozy over here so we've got blueberry muffin and this little meatloaf over here is cookie I wanted to film today because I […]

8 Types of Marriage Proposals Gone Wrong

yeah no Munna no Sarang yeah Caressa nanokarrin a cannot man I told you already I need to go back to the Vietnam Anna I need to help my father do the farming no time for love okay don't wear my family dudes are running for so many yet no more yeah not your pace […]

Groom surprises bride with singing at wedding

The Most Romantic Wedding Proposal Of All Time (As seen on BBC's Oxford Street Revealed)

Wedding Day Surprise! Wife Won't Recognize Him (Hairstyle for Men) Hair Building Fibers 2019

wait my heart I've been waiting for someone like you always be standing tall time to feel waiting for someone like you as long as you just hold me with your strong and loving arm you'll never see me wonder cuz I know this way in you

Proposing To My Girlfriend In Korean! | SLICE n RICE 🍕🍚

what's up ninjas this is slice so we left off after I got the blessing Glory's parents and now it's time to wrap this story up of how I propose to rice so after the blessing me Matt well mainly me we're talking about like who's awaiting o proposed now I guess you get for […]