Insane Motivational Memes For Guys

What’s up, Greg, I hope you’re all having a great day! Welcome back to my channel. This, of course, is another episode of ‘The Boy Zone’. Your one-stop shop for tips and tricks on how to be a “good boy”. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of posts like this on the internet. I’ve seen […]

Family Secret Revealed! (NEW DAILY BUMPS)

(doorbell rings) – Two, three Good morning! Hey guys, and welcome back! We’ve missed you! (upbeat music plays) (charming music plays) – Have you seen our trailer? – If you haven’t, I’ll have it linked above in the iCard but we had so much fun working on it together as a family and if you […]

Bad Instagram: The Gilgan Family

What’s up Greg it’s me Danny back with another episode of… The show when we look at what’s bad… On Instagram. I’m sure this is a feeling that lots of people have had before about specific accounts on Instagram But this account that we’re gonna be looking at today is So bad that I just […]

British Priest Gives Relationship Advice on Reddit?!

hi I’m Josh I’m Molly I’m Rev Chris and today you’re gonna be giving some jolly relationship advice there’s a legendary subreddit core relationship advice we are probably gonna get complaints in the comments that we have sanitized this list somewhat as they should do I am a legitimate vicar he’s really fragile we’re just […]

OMKalen’s Klass with K: College Tips from Kalen

Rise and shine. Class is in session. [MUSIC PLAYING] By now, some of you may have already been in classes for a couple of weeks or like my Alma Mater, T for Temple U, Temple University, you’ve been in class for one week now. Only 14 to go until winter break. Whoo! Let’s get to […]


Ughhh, I’ve had a really stressful week. – Have you? – You haven’t helped. You’ve been here a lot. Also you’ve just been, like, tiptoeing around me, being like, “Oh, can I make you a drink?” And, like, walking, … – So you’re saying you don’t like it when I tiptoe around you – Walk […]

Family Fun Pranks! / AllAroundAudrey

(upbeat music) – Hi guys, it’s Audrey and today I’m gonna be pranking my family! Woo woo woo! So, it’s actually a week before I move out to college when I’m filming this, and I thought it would be fun to do some pranks before I leave. Get ’em one last time before I’m out […]

The CHEAPEST Family In The World..

my family and i are so cheap that we are share one type of water a day We don’t have cooties we’re never that dirty it just makes this you say, oh my god that is disgusting Guys infinite today we’re gonna be looking at some families who are extremely Cheap you want to know […]


– Aww, son of a bitch! – Definitely. – No! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) It’s time for “Guess That.” – Yay! – Guess that what? – (FBE) Exactly. – Guess that– yeah, what are we guessing? Are we gonna guess that food? Are we gonna guess that baby? – (FBE) This episode is […]