Buffy Reaction | 3×20 | The Prom | We Watch Whedon

you can't nope can't even sing it can't even hum it they'll even say the lyrics to it there are no lyrics but if there were you couldn't yeah well you can say it on patreon which by the way speaking of which guys you guys definitely should go check out we have a patreon […]


My First LADS HOLIDAY (gone wrong)

do us a favor like the video Russia today is Monday the 24th of June and today is the day that me and my mates have been waiting for for a very long time last Monday we finish school and today we go on holiday but where to I hear you ask anywhere nice the […]

Final Destination IRL (Idiots In Cars #7)

all righty hold him back to my favorite subreddit idiots and cars that doesn't make me at all annoyed or anxious nervous about driving with just how bad people are on the roads who will begin with let's go to the beach they said Wow yeah that's a problem how did you even manage that […]

Prom Proposal Fail Compilation (Embarrassing)

damn here we go it's prom season it's coming up if you guys already had prom you know how embarrassing it can be how uneasy makes you feel but if you didn't have prom yet you're about to ask someone someone very special ring-ring now you guys know how my palm went my prom is […]

Kids React to Gay Marriage Ruling

(reporter) Hari ini adalah hari bersejarah di Mahkamah Agung… Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Oh, ini tentang hak-hak orang-orang gay ya? Keadilan! Kita selangkah lebih dekat. (reporter) …Justice Kennedy mengatakan bahwa hak untuk menikah adalah hak yang fundamental. Betul! Kamu tidak ingin takut untuk mencintai seseorang. (reporter) …pernikahan sesama jenis adalah hak konstitusional […]

The Worst Marriage Proposal Rejections!

Reacting To My Prom Photos

I love doing videos like this always makes me a little bit nervous hey guys it's Jamie and today I'm gonna be reacting to photos of me before I transition including some photos from my prom I have done a video like this before quite a long time ago and I thought it was time […]

10 Marriage Proposal FAILS