The super boost you (and your spouse) deserve

We’ve changed our fees and cost structure. Energy Super members with eligible account balances of $500,000 or more at 30 June each year Will pay a capped fee and percentage based administration cost. We call this the administration cost. Spouses can link their super accounts to meet the combined account balance of $500,000. And better […]

Some Things To Remember If You Inherit A Non Spouse IRA

If you are named the beneficiary of a non-spouse IRA, to avoid a taxable event, make sure you request a trustee-to-trustee transfer. Your inherited IRA must be directly transferred from one account to another or from one IRA custodian to another. There is no 60 day tax free window to put the money back into […]

Coordinating Social Security Spousal Benefits

– Hey everyone, Bill Lethemon here for Today’s video blog, I’m gonna be talking about Social Security spousal benefits. So this video is part of a little series I put together all about Social Security. So if you missed any of the other videos, be sure to check those out. I’m gonna put some […]

Do All Married Couples Need to Share Their Money

What’s the ideal way to handle your money? In a perfect world, married couples merge their lives as well as their finances, and have joint accounts. However, sometimes a couple can be connected at the heart but have separate bank accounts. While partners should look at their overall assets together, depending on the circumstances, sometimes […]