The Truth About Prince William & Kate’s Marriage

The Truth About Prince William & Kate’s Marriage 18. Their wedding date was officially considered a national holiday- Kate and Will both tied the knot at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011. Their wedding date was declared a national holiday given to British territories, Turks, and Bermuda, as well as Caicos and the Falkland Islands. […]

Top 10 Royal Weddings

sorry your wedding it was an amazing day we've got a picture of you and another picture no no prepare for pomp opulence and some really stunning dresses welcome to Ms mojo and today we'll be counting down our picks for the top 10 royal weddings for this list we've ranked the greatest and most […]

Her tears as those of a devoted fiancee: Moment Diana discovered Charles’s affair

hello everyone welcome back to the show today we will talk about the moment Diana discovered Prince Charles's love affair with Camilla on lookers miss Stoker tears as those of a devoted fiance fiancie farewelling her prince on a long trip but the truth was very different you would have to be a monster not […]

Luxembourg Royal Wedding 2012 (Part V)

Luxembourg Royal Wedding 2012 (Part X)

5 das gefällt das englische internationale top manager posten scharf wurde prinz felix geschafft trauzeuginnen dass prinzessin von im training in der prinzessin später colani kommt des winters in serie den titel blitze durch ganz zu aber mit dem sich ansonsten kirche qualitäten an bedrohungen und dem hochzeits sie kommen aus der kathedrale mit […]

ROYAL WEDDING 1986 – Andrew & Sarah (2 of 9)

which is a fan-shaped bow and the train is coming out from just underneath the bow well it is the most splendid length that train I don't know how long it is but it fills the carpet up the nave and embroidered all the way down and the clergy stand facing her now waiting for […]

La Fiancée – L'emploi du moi + Une histoire de plage – Session Live par "" 2/2