RV Fulltime Living Family Interview | Kimberly Travaglino

Hey Everybody this is Rachel with the Internet Lifestyle Club and also RV Living and Travel today we are with Kimberly Travaglino from Las Vegas today actually her family is one of our full time traveling families and she is the editor of Full Time Families Magazine and also manages that website and Facebook presence […]

Couple Lives Year-round in a Van in Vancouver Canada

Hi, I’m Haley. I’m Kita and this is Bodhisattva. I started June 2014. I’ve been three years now and Haley joined me last August, right? August 1st. So it’s been a year. I’ve always just seen RVs and vans and been like, “I knew freedom back in 2012.” I started dating a woman, we never […]

Retired Grandparents Ditch Mortgage for Life at Sea

Hi, we are Margo and Tony and we live aboard here on Denelli Gray. She is a 1987 Catalina sailboat. We also have a 1982 Volkswagen van that we travel on land. Our passion in life is sailing and traveling. We’ve been married 50 years and raised three children and now we just travel. We […]

Challenges & Benefits of Tiny House Living – Couple Shares Experience

Probably about five years ago We became just interested in tiny houses. There wasn’t that much of a movement so much back then or a trend. We just always lived simply so we were looking for how we might live simply in Our next iteration of doing that. And about three years ago We got […]

Married Couple Leave Suburbia for a Converted Sprinter Van

Hi, I’m Emily and I’m Joe and we’re Permanent Road Trip. Prior to moving into this van Joe spent 20 plus years pretty much in corporate finance and I spent about the same amount of time in nonprofit. After 20-some years we were each at pretty senior positions at our organizations so when we made […]


hey guys we are Sean and Christie this is long honeymoon today we're going to give you 14 fantastic RV travel experiences in the hopes of maybe inspiring you and giving you some ideas for some places that you could visit with your own RV all right first up our wedding boy this may be […]

Double decker RV – full interior tour

2011年到2016年之间我将一辆双层巴士改造成了一辆房车 改造过程已经制作成了视频。如果你还没有看过,建议先看看。 出乎我意料的是,视频竟收获了过百万次观看和数千条评论。 还有很多观众希望我另外制作一个完整的参观视频。 “细节参观”“内装细节!”“我们要完整参观视频!!” 于是在一个风和日丽的日子,我发动引擎 驾驶前往阿姆斯特丹的一个美丽景点进行拍摄。 本视频里,我美丽的妻子将展示天窗…….天窗……还是等会儿吧 她将展示厨房、前排座位、盥洗室 和卧室。首先,让我介绍一下我的妻子。 她叫BYKE, 发音类似BIKER,但是不要R。后面我们还会介绍介绍这个景点。 但现在,先从房车开始吧。 四个燃气灶 大量橱柜提供了大量存储空间 杯子巴士( 大众T1 的梗) 24V供电带冷藏的小冰箱 老婆,那个天窗怎样了? 好吧,我们还是等会再回来 前部楼梯 前排座位就是棒! 著名画家伦勃朗的雕像;阿姆斯特河畔的里克尔磨坊 天窗还是打不开吗 看起来还是不行 什么鬼….. 微型洗碗机,每次耗水7升 没错,我们还有个小微波炉(需要额外电源) 我们给吸尘器弄了10米长的管子 床底的超大存储空间 这就我老婆! 她会关上防虫纱窗吗? 她成功了! 我们非常喜欢这样的开阔视野 白天从外向内是看不到东西的 接下来是演示盥洗室门口的开关 关门 这个开关可以同时关上两侧的磁铁锁 关掉,两边的门又可以开了 夜幕降临 电视可以接受DVB-T(地面数字视频广播)、卫星电视,还能播放U盘 如果需要阅读,在插座上插入这个(USB供电的LED灯) 每个床位和沙发位都有 双USB口,照明充电两不误 楼上同样也是读书的好地方 孩子们,该上床睡觉了! 亮骚一下卷帘 亲爱的… 什么? 你没关灯… 是你没关! 是你最后上床的 是吗? 算了,还是我关吧 […]

Time Travel To The REAL Old West

first of all a big shout-out to my videosponsor thank you war dragons for sponsoring this video today I was ableto download war dragons for my iPhone it is a mobile game the war dragons teameven provided me some in-game currency to help me level up faster here wardragons is a mobile realtime strategy game […]


we're actually at a surprise place today so well let some people get on and then we'll start telling you what we're going on today got two people tell anybody we were going live but we've got a lot of boxes here in the back we're guess we should tell everybody where we're at we […]

Man Quits Investment Banking to Travel the World in His Van

I'm Jeff and this is my van Lucy. I grew up playing hockey,like a regular family, lived in a neighborhood and you know they encourageyou to grow up, okay time to go to university. I didn't really know what Iwanted to do, ended up going to school and I got interested in investmentbanking. I was […]