“THAALI the wedding photographer”

Game of Thrones Red Wedding Reactions – Tywin, Arya, Hodor, Blackfish, Margaery, Loras, Talisa

we had the red wedding in season three what do you make of that what was your reaction I couldn’t believe it I don’t like that’s all how could he do it Starro oh my god I remember watching it my flatmate and I knew what was going to happen and I was kind of […]

Malec’s Wedding | Shadowhunters Series Finale | Music: Ruelle – “I Get to Love You”

The love I have for you … is a love that knows no bounds. In times of joy as well as sadness. In sickness and in health. [Alec] I will love you as my equal. [Magnus] And protect you above all else. [Alec] I’ll share with you my truest feelings. And when you speak, I […]

If Couples’ Fights Were Honest

(slow, dramatic music) – Passive aggressive comment. – Heightening my voice and softening my facial features. – Maintaining my tone but saying the opposite. – I wish I couldn’t read your energy, but I totally can. Keeping my cool while frantically trying to figure out what this is really about. – Letting my real attitude […]

A short animation about what love is [ Love is in small things / Puuung ]

Pillow Fight! Win. I don’t like to exercise! I’ll help you. I’ll make you some hot chocolate. You should never leave me. Don’t worry. I am not the main character in the drama. I’m sorry … You are always pretty. It’s so good! Wake up. I’m so happy to eat good food with you! Wake […]

UP Married Life 1440p HD


GTA 5 – Mission #6 – Marriage Counseling [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

the man Tracy yo Amanda Amanda you better not be mad in my house fuck you Michael go away I’m paying that turn 150 bucks an hour to fuck my wife in my own bed Michael go oh I’m sorry bro she said you hadn’t arranged from you and I are gonna have an arrangement […]

The Princess Bride Blu-ray CLIP – Fire Swamp (2012) – Cary Elwes, Robin Wright Movie HD

don't know succeed we might as well die here no no we have already succeeded I mean what are the three terrors of advice one one the flames burn no problem there's a popping sound preceding each we can avoid that too the lightning sand but you were clever enough to discover with that looks […]


hey guys it's Eugenia it's getting its to purpose right now to the holidays and Christmas and all that stuff though I thought today in the spirit of the holidays I would do kind of like a holiday themed video that was kind of some outfits that I think would be cool to wear around […]

DIY EMO PROM DRESS | Eugenia Cooney

hey guys it's Eugenia oh I think about now this time of year it's getting towards that wonderful time of year were it's prom season at least I think it is because I know my brother is going to the prom soon I don't really know yeah I actually never even went to the prom […]