4ft 4in Weightlifter Finds Love With 6ft 3in Transgender Woman

COMM: 52-year-old Anton Kraft is just four foot four tall. Although he’s small in stature, he’s big when it comes to brawn. ANTON: I am basically the only guy in the world who ever benched four times his bodyweight before. COMM: Anton’s a massive personality on the competitive weightlifting circuit, where he showcases his impressive […]

Rights For All: Family Separation Isn’t Just Happening at the Border

Um, do you want eggs or cereal or toast? Cereal. My name is Lisa Lima. I have seven kids in total with my husband, and we have three living at home. We live in an artist community, and the people around us are like family ’cause we all support one another. There was one night, […]

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Kung Shu Wedding

(Intro music) Gavin: So did you get drunk at the wedding? Gus: Uh, I couldn’t get too drunk because I had to be the responsible one Gus: Did Esther get bevved up? Gus: Esther got so drunk (Gavin laughs) Gus: She fell down (Barbara laughs) Gus: uh … and skinned her knee really bad Barbara: […]

India’s Incredible Dwarf Family: BORN DIFFERENT

COMM: In Hyderabad, Ram Raj lives with his large unique family. COMM: For generations, numerous members of his family have been born with Achondroplasia, a condition causing dwarfism. He currently lives with eleven members of his family, nine of whom have the condition. COMM: Although they have accepted their condition, which in total has affected […]

SUNNY FAMILY CULT | “7 Minutes in Heaven” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

– [Narrator] The origins of the Sunny Family Cult, which is known as one of the most mysterious murder cults in American history, can be traced back to April Fools’ Day in 1982. (elegant guitar music) (suspenseful synthesizer music) (groaning) (loud squish) The last reported Sunny killing was in 2015 in the northern Iowa town […]

LOOK-SEE | “The Wedding Hand” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

(eerie music) (panting) (door slamming) (breathing heavily) (eerie music) (gasping) (sighing) (slamming) (gasps) (panting) (scary music) (gasping) (toilet flushing) (panting) (breathing heavily) (muffled screaming) (eerie music)

Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Burnie’s Wedding Pranks

GUS: Speaking of the wedding, you almost pulled the ultimate prank at that wedding. BURNIE: Fuck, I almost ruined Michael and Lindsay’s wedding ‘twice’. BARBARA: (laughing) BURNIE: There was no way that Gavin remembered to turn off his phone and so, Michael hates Gavin’s ringtone, which is that “AAAAAHHH!!” so I had it in my […]

SUNNY FAMILY CULT | “Summer Buddy” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

– [Woman] Taylor, baby, you weren’t supposed to see that. – [Taylor] Why can’t I go? – Taylor you’re too young. – [Taylor] Do you ever wish you could do whatever you want and not have to answer to anyone? – What the fuck? – You do not walk away from me. You do not […]

4 Easy Prom and Wedding Hairstyles! – KayleyMelissa

– Hey, everyone. Kayley, your friendly neighborhood hair stylist here and today we’re doing some prom/wedding hairstyles. (calm music) Now, I almost didn’t even film this video but this was requested so much I decided to go ahead and do it and this is meant to be a whole bunch of very easy DIYable hairstyles […]

SUNNY FAMILY CULT | “Initiation” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

– [Elias] We are a family. We are each an arm, a leg, or a hand. Each important and trusted. We give each other purpose. And we introduce chaos to disrupt the banality of this life to make aware what is truly important. – But why can’t I go with you? – Taylor, I told […]