4th Anniversary Race! Seojun cries when he’s not the 1st [The Return of Superman/2017.11.19]

Raise your hand if you know what day it is. – I do. / – I do. – Seoeon. / – It’s Sunday. Sunday? Sit down. – Over here. / – What day is it today? What day is it, Sarang? – Our fourth anniversary. / – Fourth anniversary? Yes, it’s our program’s fourth anniversary. […]

4th Anniversary Charity Bazaar, ‘Super Market’! [The Return of Superman/2017.11.19]

– All right. Let’s go. / – Let’s go. (The children have transformed.) (Where have they all gathered today?) Let’s go. (Super Market) (A supermarket?) (Donggook’s poster watches over the door.) Welcome to Superman’s charity drive pop-up market. It’s full of clothes that testify to the kids’ growth. There is no shortage of memory-filled toys. […]

Four-year Anniversary Special! Entire Superman family gets together! [TROS/2017.11.12]

(Fourth anniversary bazaar) Our families and friends donated goods. After collecting them one by one, it’s finally the day of the bazaar. (It’s a clear autumn day.) (Rohui’s family is here first.) People are riding it. There are people riding it. (Lifts are going across the sky.) It must be a ride. – Yes. Do […]

Mike Lawrence – A Strange Arrangement – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored

–She’s like, “No, I don’t–I don’t– I don’t think we can.” I’m like, “Why?” And she goes, “I think– I think my vagina’s too small.” And first off, that’s fucked up. Like, all you have to say is, “I think your dick is too big.” [laughter][dark electronic music]– [gagging]♪[electronic whirring] [alarm blaring]♪[explosion booms]♪[cheers and applause] […]

3 Powers in the Home (2/2) | Bayless Conley

Today on Answers with Bayless Conley: Never underestimate the power of prayer. It’s amazing what God can do when someone prays. There are many questions you are faced with every day. We are all searching for answers that will make a real difference in our lives. It’s hard to imagine that these answers might be […]

3 Powers in the Home (1/2) | Bayless Conley

Today on Answers with Bayless Conley: Parents, we need to try and speak those things to our children. Acceptance, “Hey, you’re my kid. You belong to this family; you’re mine.” Affection, “And I love you.” And even if they’re not doing real well at the moment, you say, “You know what, you’ve got what it […]

Our FAMiLY NiGHT ROUTiNE! | Behind the Braids Ep.69


My Mom Booted Me Out When She Got A New Family

Hi! My name is George and I am sixteen. You could say – I’m a fully grown up guy, maybe that’s true, but it does not mean that I’ve been able to get myself back together after what happened when I was ten years old. Six years ago I experienced the worst betrayal possible – […]

Cool Kids, Cold Case (Ep. 11) | Fantasy High

– Arch from the Church of Soul glimmers with kinetic magic potential, as the door to the portal’s about to happen, you boom! Ball perfectly up in the air. You snag it as this skeleton dives of what you thought was gonna be a portal but instead becomes nothing. – (beep) you, Daybreak. – As […]