Naam Karan : The Sikh Naming Ceremony / Naming Rites

My name is Harinder ‘Har’ means ‘God’. I understand my name in full means ‘he or she of all strengths’. My name is Harchand Singh Grewal. ‘Har’ – name of God; Chand means ‘moon’ and Singh is ‘lion’. This is my niece, Manpreet Kaur. Her name means ‘the love of our hearts and minds’. My […]

The Punjabi Wedding Breakdown (PART 1)

so there’s like approximately 1 billion Indians in the world and 4 billion of them live outside of India and every single one of them have to get married if I’ve done my math correctly that’s a lot of weddings and that’s also a lot of weddings that you have to attend and if you’ve […]

The Punjabi Wedding Breakdown (PART 2)

welcome back now we’ll take a look at the actual wedding itself glad you could join us stay strapped in because there’s like I said there’s a lot [Music] [Applause] [Music] after we touch down to the parking lot of the good Lord it’s time to take the groom and transfer him from Hummer to […]

Our Marriage Q&A | Marriage Advice | Feat. Harbir Singh & Dr. Darshan Kaur

are you listening our long awaited question and answers with this wonderful lady so let’s get right into it question number one how did we meet we met through a mutual friend we will not be named no reason yeah she knew both was very well and thought that we would be a suitable match […]

Indian Destination Wedding – H10 Rubicon Palace Lanzarote

Manzil ~ Destination | Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen Katha | Full HD | Gyan Da Sagar

Sikh Punjabi Wedding East Midlands Conference Centre Nottinghamshire 2019 Jett Jagpal – Jett media