ROOM TOUR! || Mackenzie Ziegler

hey guys it's Kensi and today I'm going to show you my room so here's my room it's very purple and pink it's much different than my la room but here it is okay so first here is my dresser I guess and Maddy wanted me to show you this but this is a big […]

No Destination (Official Music Video) – Michalangela

I had a dream that I was running transcending time and speed the forest thick and everlasting an endless sea of green the chorus resounded sweetly serenading with your grace the bridge rang with adoration despite this self disgrace I dreamt that I was running the wind upon my face careless and free as ever […]

Andy Samberg Talks Married Life

Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas' wedding ceremony

with this ring and I love I think she's going into a kiss will briefly there too shouldn't miss Jenny holy hands lovely to each other's eyes together at the same time repeat after me I promise you never leave me I will never trust you in plenty and in want and lacking any mark […]

Idol's Chris Medina Suprised with $70K for Fiancée | Interview | On Air With Ryan Seacrest

After 12 Years Of Marriage, Luke Bryan Has Revealed The Truth About His Wife

after 12 years of marriage Luke Bryan has revealed the truth about his wife Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline Boyer first met as college sweethearts and while their relationship has been far from straightforward the pair has risen through the ranks to become country music's most beloved power couple but now Bryan has revealed […]

Justin Bieber Tears Up With Fiancee Hailey Baldwin at His Side

Justin Bieber in tears photographers captured these images of the 24 year old singer and his fiance model Haley Baldwin getting all emotional Bieber sure looks like he's upset he covers his face with his hands as Haley does her best to comfort him then it's Haley's turn to get all weepy it happened on […]