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James Corden Visits with Ellen

Honest Family Holiday When You’re An Adult

– Happy Holidays, girls. It's so nice that you couldfinally take three days out of your busy lives to comeand visit the two people who cared for your every need for 18 years. – Aw, we're so happy to have you guys cooking and cleaning for us again. – Look, more presents! (laughter) I'm gonna […]

Our Wedding! 💍

that's three questions your answers I'm pleased you tried leans corner I couldn't clean or every Tuesday answer your questions I know it's not Tuesday and I know no one has answered questions and then a Q&A on YouTube since 2014 the og people who have been watching me for years have been begging me […]

PTXPERIENCE – Pentatonix: The World Tour 2019 (Episode 8)

oh wow we should do this tonight we should do this tonight dude what do I got missed of course [Applause] [Applause] are you there goats everywhere oh my god women so fast that one's look yes man little baby this is the hungry one this is the Scott of the goats I feel like […]

Pencilmate Flies to His Vacation Destination! Pencilmation Cartoons