DIY Back to School Notebook & Folder Decoration | Sea Lemon

Some of you have asked how to decorate your notebooks and folders. So here are some ways you can spruce up those plain covers. This video will be an overview of some fun and simple ways to decorate your notebooks and folders. You’re welcome to get inspired by these ideas and make your own unique […]

Weekend Update on One-Year Anniversary of Robert Mueller Investigation – SNL

Melania Trump’s Terrifying Christmas Decorations

– Hello, it is First Lady Melania Trump. Look at my trees soaked in blood, soaked in sweet, sweet blood. Ah, to be an ornament, to be admired, to be placed in a small box away from your husband’s eyes for 11 months of the year. Sometimes, I look into the mirror and I throw […]

Cha Cha Slide – SNL

How to Wear SILK SAREE Perfectly – Hacks & Tricks | #Teenagers #Wedding #Fashion #Anaysa

oho.. never pleats get sets well in this silk saree How much time will you take? leave it I think you are not be able to drape a silk saree and I am telling you the tricks so that you can keep it prepare if beforehand wherever you want to go so just need to […]

Wedding Venue Ad – SNL

Indian Weddings – SINGLE vs MARRIED | #Fun #Comedy #Sketch #RolePlay #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnad

Today will eat food for free Aren’t you Puttan’s Daughter? have similar face you didn’t got married sit here.. will make you eat food Munna look at her eat well my child Say Namaste to her… she’s Jinda Bhoot’s daughter how will you give birth to young ones if you haven’t eat well Greetings.. plz […]

Indian Bridal Makeup Challenge .. | #Beauty #Wedding #Tutorial #Hacks #Anaysa

I had got ready first No! its me who was read first we’re looking like Normal human being today, Isn’t it ? by the way how we did the good makeup in this challenge!! our director is busy so we get chance to do good makeup in this challenge and you gonna to see two […]

WEDDING – Beauty & Fashion HACKS | #LifeHacks #HairCare #ShrutiArjunAnand

Hey Swachhta!! could you give your Lehenga O Lehenga…. Where i kept it…. in Almirah… No… ok got it… by the way Lehenga is Beautiful O girl!! what happened Infection but where?? there In Allahabad… oho.. its below here.. oho in Sri Lanka!! How many died?? oho.. infection occurred to me through that Lehenga wedding […]

6 WEDDING Life Hacks You Must Try … | #Beauty #Fashion #Fun #Anaysa

see that wedding chariot reached or not?? and he has been waiting since long take Aarti Thali and ribbon fast and here i’ve prepared the envelops let’s go fast where’s the Baraat?? Hello bhaiya… where’s that Baraat passing from here??? that have gone… So what let’s share our wedding hacks with all of them hit […]