Kyle Gets Married

Amanda and I just want to thank you all for braving the snow to come celebrate our wedding today cut the cake sweetheart did you remember to get a sugar-free cake – oh the bakery didn't make sugar-free cakes well why would you do that what I didn't think it'd be a big deal he's […]

Jon Hamm at the "Bridesmaids" premiere

so I've heard this movie described perhaps incorrectly or more aptly as a sort of like hangover for females what do you think about that well I think that's a little in there I know that's an easy way to do it but I think the deal is that it's not a movie it's a […]

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Ellie Kemper at the "Bridesmaids" premiere

so I've heard this described sort of like a hangover for girls think that's app so you can definitely yeah so I don't totally don't have the whole thing came out oh I think in terms of it being like a very funny movie that's smart bronze here than the average female put their books […]

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