Phantasy Star 30th Anniversary Retrospective 1987-2017

This is GTV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time for another awesome video! In December 2017, a well known Role Playing Game series had its 30th anniversary… no, not that one! Well ok that one too, but there is another. That series is Phantasy Star. SEGA’s alternative to Final Fantasy gave Square Soft a run for its money way back […]

DIY Xmas star ornaments easy l xmas decorations ideas diy

DIY Xmas star Ornaments easy DIY Xmas star Ornaments easy DIY Xmas star Ornaments easy DIY Xmas star Ornaments easy DIY Xmas star Ornaments easy DIY Xmas star Ornaments easy

How to make decoration stars

Today we will make these decoration stars. To make these stars you need: newspaper tubes, scissors, ruler, a thin needle, pins and glue. To make these tubes divide a sheet of newspaper in 4 parts and roll using a thin needle. Paint these to get colored tubes. Bend a tube from one end. Measure 10 […]

Happy 50th Anniversary Star Trek

Star Trek has inspired many real-life explorers including NASA scientist, engineers and astronauts who often cite star trek as inspiring them to focus on space exploration from earth’s largest federation of scientists, engineers and explorers we congratulate Star Trek on its 50th anniversary from the birthplace of ” V’ger ” so from all of us […]

How to make a Star garlands ✯ Christmas garland decoration ideas

How to make a Star garlands of paper with own hands We need a sheet of paper We’re cutting a paper in half (two times). We’re making an accordion Now we’re drawing a star. and we’re cutting garland-Asterisk A Christmas garland asterisk of paper is done! You can crap a lot of these pieces and […]

10th Anniversary DBZA MARATHON | TFS News

Hey everybody it’s your friendly neighborhood director and editor Scott Frerichs A.K.A Kaiser Neko. Since it’s been months and months and months since the hiatus went public we’ve been busy working on a bunch of different projects. Final Fantasy 7 Machinabridged has continued as par of the course. Hellsing Ultimate Abridged dropped its 8th episode […]

I want to end this terrible marriage. [Hello Counselor Sub:ENG,THA/2018.09.03]

“A Terrible Marriage.” Hello. I got married less than a year ago. I met a tall, handsome man and got a beautiful son. Am I happy? Not at all. I want to end this terrible marriage. When we were dating, my husband said, “I want to marry you so badly.” Marriage, marriage, marriage. He always […]

Ariel Winter on Her Family Strains

That show, I say it all the time, it continues to be funny. It’s a great show.>>Thank you so much.>>It is, and you’re the smart one on it too, which must be fun to play the smart one.>>It is really fun, I love my character.>>Yeah. >>You know, I think it’s really important to have young […]

Trisha Paytas Claims to Have Gotten Married: See Post-Wedding Pics – US News

Here comes the bride! YouTube star Trisha Paytas shocked fans on Friday night by claiming to have gotten married in Las Vegas, a week after announcing an engagement and wedding  Paytas did not name the mystery spouse, but did share a video. It shows the star wearing wedding attire onstage at Criss Angel’s Mindfreak show at the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino, […]

Top 5 Worst Rappers Of All-Time

pow hey good evening star report Friday night welcome to the gun show yeah the gun shows back I’ve been in the gym all week getting buff okay um Here I am broadcasting live out of Atlanta GA the home of whoa Vicki yeah a pussy how could never huh I’m a day one whoa […]