$1,065 Engagement Ring Vs. $55,000 Engagement Ring

7 Things No One Tells You About Long Distance Relationships

– Today’s the day. Let’s do this. (playful electronic music) It is currently 3:13 right now, and it’s been exactly 54 days since I last saw my girlfriend. And today, I get to jump on a plane, fly 2,000 miles, and see her for the weekend. I only get to see her six or seven […]

$29 Vs. $180 Family-Style Meats

– What are we doing today? – Season five. – Oh, sorry. – Worth it. – Welcome back. A lot has changed. I moved to New York. There’s Annie. She’s helping produce the show. – Anyway, this is the episode that I put together for your return to Los Angeles. We’re going to be trying […]

$710 Potluck Dinner • Holiday Special Part 1

welcome welcome back friends and family welcome to the worth it holiday special where Adam Andrew and I are going to be hosting a very special potluck for our friends that's right in three parts we are going behind the scenes to see how each dish is gonna be made gonna be some homemade stuff […]

$192 Desserts • Holiday Special Part 2

so we're back part 2 and we are throwing a holiday potluck that's right we're inviting a bunch of our friends coworkers closest acquaintances to a potluck that we're having a little bit later but today we're going to be seeing some of those desserts that are gonna show up at the bottom of one […]

$347 Prime Rib • Holiday Special Part 3