Last Day in Delhi: Grace Arranged This Satsang

[Music plays] Last Day in Delhi with Sri Mooji Following the season of Satsangs in Rishikesh, the Delhi Sangha expressed their wish to have one final encounter with Guruji. In short time and with little preparation, a beautiful meeting took place on a hotel rooftop in the midst of bustling ‘Paharganj’. [Music continues playing] [Music […]

$200 Couples Thrift Challenge | PAQ EP #28 | A Show About Streetwear

(TV static playing) (upbeat electronic music) – (laughing) Sydney. (laughing) – That’s actually pretty alright. – Hey, let’s move. – And you can look through too. – Oh, oh. – start shuffling through, boy, what are you doin’, we don’t got so much time. (hip hop music) ♪ PAQ ♪ (drum beats) – Look yeah […]

Will You Marry Me ? Supreme Bff LOL Surprise Wedding Proposal Fail – Toy Video

cookies worlds all right cookie bans today's video was requested by one of my cookie fans you should do a video when leather proposes to lace I hope you enjoy this lol video dude whoa no ha it's nice right I don't even want to know how much this cost you so you think she's […]

SCOTUS same-sex wedding cake decision: How both sides say they got here today

Jimmy Kimmel Demonstrates Why Denying Gay Couples Wedding Cakes is Wrong