A Couple Sees Each Other Without Tattoos For The First Time

– So it feels like I’ve been standing here forever. I got all of my tattoos covered. – This is gonna be the first time that I will see myself in over 20 years, with just my skin. One, two, – [Both] Three. (dramatic music) – Hi I’m Vanessa, I’m a preschool teacher and I […]

Couples Pick Surprise Tattoos For Each Other

– It’s so crazy not knowing what’s getting tattooed to my body right now. – We’re here about to get tattoos. I’ve no idea what she’s picked for me, and vice versa. It’s a little bit nerve wracking. – It’s tormenting. – (Together) We’re getting married! – We getting married. – We are engaged, and […]

Modified Mom Tattoos Eyeballs Pink | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

I'd consider myself different because I love Jesus and I look this way her having her highs tattooed I was very upset about it it was the one thing that upset me more than anything probably I was not worried about damaging my heart my name is Michele DiDonato on the tattoo artist and mother […]

Dana White Tries to Guess UFC Fighter's Tattoos | Tattoo Tour | GQ

I'm not really a tattoo guy the time I would have got tattoos probably would have been the 80s early 90s imagine what would be on my body right now Jesus so the guys have really bad tattoo Roadrunner or you know the Tasmanian Devil or barbed wire like stupid like that tattooed on that's […]