Digital Wellbeing: Find balance as a family

[ Music playing ] Oh gosh. [ Laughs ] What do you think? We’re trying to get them more hands-on, and not only be able to solve problems on a screen. Too much screen time, and having to navigate that. Gaming has become a big deal in our life. When we sit down to watch […]

Viking 25th Anniversary

Mars… throughout history, no other planet in our solar system has captured human imagination like the red planet. For centuries, scientists wondered if Mars might be covered with vegetation — or even inhabited by intelligent beings. Today, we know Mars to be quite different. It’s a frozen, desert world with towering volcanoes — now silent […]

Counselor Education Laboratory | Bridgewater State University

Hello and welcome, to the brand new state-of-the-art counselor education lab here at Bridgewater State University. Victoria Bacon: The lab is used for training counselors so we want to enhance individual group skills, marriage and family skills, couples skills, we have group activities, small classroom activities, and we’re able to use technology and to video […]

Shell LiveWIRE 35th anniversary | Sustainability at Shell

In 1982, 1 in 8 people in the UK was out of work, and I can vouch for this as an Environmental Sciences Graduate of 1983 because I remember this time very well, but it was also the time when North Sea oil and gas was developing very rapidly, so Shell responded to the socio-economic […]

Gay Marriage Rights in America | Nadine Smith | TEDxTampaBay

Translator: Leonardo Silva Reviewer: Mile Živković Thank you. Thank you very much. You know, it’s tax time, and so, I’ve been thinking a lot about my wedding day. It was just two years ago, in August, and we were in Burlington, on what was the most beautiful day. Our wedding was at the Quaker Meeting […]

Tesla Cybertruck Event: Is this Real?

Guessing What Items Are Used For I That YouTub3 Family The Adventurers


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