Sadhguru at Sophia College – Youth and Truth [Full talk]

Moderator: We are very, very honored to have amongst us, Sadhguru today, for a question-answer session and a very warm welcome to you to Sophia College, sir. Sadhguru: Thank you. Moderator: If you would like to address the audience? Sadhguru: Yes. Sadhguru: Can I say a few words before the questions? Moderator: Yes. Sadhguru: Namaskaram […]

Yuzuru Hanyu & Shoma Uno at GPF ceremony – Let’s have a wedding ceremony (Engsub /Vietsub)

Next is scoop lip reading World Figure Skating gold medal and this year GPF Champion, Hanyu Yuzuru a quad loop First man to win 4 consecutive wins, Hanyu Yuzuru “Thank you” At the Victory Ceremony He said something to Uno Shoma After saying something, he seemed to be having fun Let trim this scene here […]


– Hi there. We’re gonna do a great big large family grocery shopping haul today. We’re gonna go to Costco and probably Aldi and all kinds of things. But what am I doing right now, you might ask? Well. My van can’t even describe the depths of mess, ’cause you know, we use our van. […]

I Am A Book Polygamist. #FridayReads 21st November

I’m here for an update on all the reading that I’ve been doing recently. I’ve taken on an epic amount of reading for the rest of the year If you want to see how I got into this mess I will link a video in the description that explains. The short version is that I […]

Brown Master’s Ceremony Speech: Eunice Gonzalez-Sierra ’19 MAT

Welcome family, friends, faculty, and fellow class of 2019! On this very important day we are gathered to celebrate our strides, our struggles, and our successes. We are here to see the fruit of our labor reach its harvest. May 26th, 2019 has come. We are graduating from Brown University today. As a daughter of […]

How to Make a Collage : Arrangement & Collage Design

So, I’ve gone ahead and cut out the bulk of my stuff I’m going to use today, and let me just tell you what it is. I’ve got an old stamp out of a stamp book I had, a little piece of music, just a small piece and just some images from a photo book […]

FUNNIEST DIY PRANKS ON FRIENDS || Easy and Fun Family Pranks by 123 GO!

We know you love your friends but that doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy making them squirm now and again. Here you go! Don’t worry, Emily, we’re laughing with you not at you… If you’re looking for some fun ways to prank your besties, stay tuned ‘cuz we have a bunch of great ones comin’ at […]

[Infinite Challenge] 무한도전 – myungsoo, arrange a piece of music for EDM 20150725

He arranged this song based on EDM’s style. Let’s hear it. “Why won’t you dance, not even for a second?” -Isn’t this just IU’s song? -Just listen. It’s the song in his mind. “Can’t see your expression” Something is coming… “Black sunglasses. Black sunglasses.” This is… This is a little too much. “B, B, B, […]

USCIS -NPS Naturalization Ceremony Snapchat Story

Hi, thanks for watching this video. This particular clip talks about USCIS Naturalization ceremony. Today, we’re at the WW2 Memorial for a special naturalization ceremony. Here’s a panoramic view of the Lincoln Memorial and the reflecting pool in the background. A park ranger stands at the podium. This is the first-ever naturalization ceremony at the […]

Engaging Employees: How to Improve Employee Engagement (2-Minute Training Preview)

Customized employee training preview: How to engage and motivate employees [George Wright]: Welcome to the program first of all. It’s always a pleasure to be at this program. I think this is my fourth year doing this and every year it gets bigger and better, so I’m always excited to be invited back. My name […]