Treasure Hunt – Search For The Bandits Cash Part Three💰 / That YouTub3 Family

– [Narrator] Previously on ThatYouTub3Family! – As you guys know, we got the bandit’s treasure. – We were able to actually get most of it off the ground. – [Mother] Guys, there’s a car here. Logan, come on. – [Father] I don’t know where he went. Oh my gosh, there’s somebody out there. (dog barks) […]

Doppelganger destinations sell staycations to German holidaymakers

[Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] this was just the beginning then we asked ourselves how can we bring even more relevance and attention to each comparison first we developed an algorithm that searches for look-alike photographs through Facebook data we found travel enthusiasts like Lucas who are interested in specific destinations geo-targeting pinpoints Lucas […]

Hot weather brings travel chaos to UK: 'Coach B is overheating nicely'

Bob The Train | Visit To The Army Camp | Kids Learn | Learn Army Vehicles | Vehicle For Kids

hello kids do you want to see something cool today okay off to the army camp we go hurry up now don't be slow what do you see kids yes indeed in the army camp he is top rank hello mr. tank what do you do I protect the country and our border to look […]

Don't Tell The Bride – Laila And Nick: Arranging The Helicopter And Transport

with a week to go Nick spent almost half his budget on the venue and the dress but he still has everything else to do so naturally he turns his attention to boys toys all right cheers thanks again bye-bye in true rock star style he's just spent almost a thousand quid on a helicopter […]

Caravan challenge | Top Gear | BBC

don't get dogs been sick so we pulled over for some dog aide do poor dog but the dog sorted we were on our way dogs not gonna be sick again is it no I don't smell smells don't what the hell that's bad you it's pretty poor mate it's pretty poor caravanning James yeah […]

Meet the Bolloré Logistics Experts in 6 Destinations (long)

I've spent the last few months exploring exciting challenges let Bible Ori logistics in their team around the globe I'm here in Abidjan the Ivory Coast we are here in France we're here at the border between Chile and Peru in the city of Mumbai we're here in Singapore you may wonder how this global […]

Meet the Bolloré Logistics Experts in 6 Destinations (short)

I spent the last few months exploring how the balloon logisitics experts across the globe embrace the people-powered innovation motto I invite you to join me as I gain advanced insight into the logistics process I began my journey at the bee lab Center in putto near Paris bee lab is a cross organization to […]