Budget Travel: How to Beat Peak Season Prices & Headaches

hey there fellow travelers mark you with vultures world and today we are on the Greek island of Crete it's July it is peak tourist season which means the beaches there full accommodation it's booked out restaurants there's lines museums it's packed full of people we've got 10 things you can do to either one […]

Copenhagen Travel Guide

you may remember in the Berlin episode I talked about my brother who was battling cancer well a stem-cell transplant saved his life and here he is he's with us here in Copenhagen filming this episode now ordinarily this is the part of the show where we would do it be doing our sponsor bit […]

What to Eat at Taiwan's Most Famous Night Market — Travel Eat Repeat

– [Iz] Night markets. They're everywhere. Night markets are perhapsthe best expression of Taiwan's local food culture. Chinese is in its origin, buttotally unique to this place. In this city alone, thereare 30 such markets. Each brimming with a certain energy. Locals perusing the hundredsof stalls for whatever they're craving that night. And you don't […]

United States of America (U.S.A.) Top 10 Travel Destinations 2019.

Beyond The Horizon: New Destinations – Qatar Airways

going beyond a guy zijn minst met je nieuwe connections een run the world of we de la c-crosser oasis ook een dozijn e team and exciting destinations [Muziek]


hey guys we are checking in from gili air if you've been watching my vlogs recently you will see that we're currently on a big trip together if you're new to the channel hey my name is Steph and this is my boyfriend Trev and we are on a big three-week trip and this is […]

Top 10 Family Holiday Destinations

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Visit to Auroville || Puducherry

hi guys so today we had or will now what is or will you can come to Pondicherry and not to our well Oliver this basically was an experiment in human unity we've had men and women of different nationalities coming together and actually building a township right here in ecology I don't think it's […]

A Day At The 'Far East' Beach in Vietnam – Bà Rịa – Vũng Tàu

okay so it's about 4:15 in the morning I did sleep for just about two hours and that's one because I stayed up late anyway so today the plan is we're gonna go to the beach so Jeana myself a buddy of mine David and some of Gina's family and friends we're all gonna pack […]