The Most Romantic Wedding Anniversary |Travel Vlog | Cancun Mexico | Family Vlog

what we wanted to experience you know because most people you stay within the touristy areas all you get is more America yeah so this is like more Mexican which is good hola from Mexico it is the night of our anniversary I am like so excited we also have dinner on the beach before […]

CREEPY DOLL HEAD! Halloween Props & Decorations Walmart

this is very Trembley creepy doll head hi we’re at Walmart and we’re gonna check out all their Halloween stuff come on hey where’s Jillian she’s at home she hurt her leg I said you’re gonna probably noticed by now so what else what’s this oogie-boogie and the hanging clown does he do something yeah […]

Halloween Props & Decorations at Home Depot

I’m a skeleton Jillian likes them we’re here at Home Depot to look at the housing decoration so we’re going to look at let’s go whoa there’s lots of good stuff up there but what we like pressing buttons right what does this guy do Miska would not like that That one’s not working her […]

Pennywise Jumps! Halloween City Props & Decorations

ooh his hand came out I wasn’t expecting that yeah I just thought it was staying there cuz it what okay Addie’s gonna try it on you can’t see yeah hey do you see that building over there that’s Halloween city let’s go we want to see some things that actually work you’re like staying […]


Good morning everyone. How are you? Good morning. Guys, we have a very important mission today. We will be busy the whole day because we decided to do our Christmas decorations. We’re gonna be buying our first Christmas tree. We’ve never had one before and it will be a real natural tree. I never imagined […]

⁴ᴷ⁵⁰ Walking Moscow: Moscow Center – from Kutuzovsky Avenue to Christmas Decorations

Radisson Collection Hotel Moscow Kutuzovsky Avenue Naberezhnaya Tarasa Shevchenko (Promenade)

VLOG 15 | My bestie’s wedding 閨蜜的婚禮

Let me check my hair first Do you think I look different today? Because I’m going to my high school bestie’s wedding today She asked everyone to wear…. qipao So I borrowed a qipao from my ex-coworker We are similar size I’ve done my makeup and ready to go but I wanna share with you […]

Vampire Baby! Halloween Props & Decorations at Spirit Halloween

don’t they look like Billy Eilish sure that one’s nice yeah hey we’re at spirit Halloween there’s a lot of good stuff here so we’re just gonna check it out come on here step here oh he jumped I was so close Addie’s like plugging her ears I was so close I didn’t I didn’t […]

Australia Said Yes! Vienna invites first honeymooners

Dear friends from Australia! We’re happy to hear that you took a big step towards marriage equality today. In Austria we’re still working on that. Nevertheless, Vienna supports Australia’s forwardness and would like to invite the first same-sex couple which ties the knot in Australia and sends their marriage certificate to to spend an unforgettable […]

Convention Centre 1 Year Anniversary – My Halifax – Things To Do In Halifax

Hi guys and welcome to this week’s My Halifax. My name is Adam Cooper. If you’re new to our Youtube channel we make videos about all the cool things you can do in and around Halifax. This time last year the World Trade Centre opened for the first time. It’s been a really cool spot, […]