Equator Crossing Ceremony – Sailing Vessel Delos Ep. 36 – Video

Previously on Delos The crew sets sail across the Halmahera Sea, we leave our beloved Raja Ampat in our wake, and have an amazing sail with dolphins! “It’s pretty exciting! Are you ready?” “Yeah, there’s wine glasses out!” “Are you ready for the ceremony?” “Yes” “Are you ready to be a shellback?” “I don’t even […]

The Ultimate Japanese Temple Experience – Japanese Tea Ceremony, Calligraphy and Meditation

In Japan, temples play an important role in teaching values to children and adults. In the temples monks meditate, practice calligraphy and perform traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. -There are two ways of sitting. Left foot on the right leg. Don’t force yourself. Good luck on the zen meditation. -We will do sutra copying next. We […]

Labor senators grill Mathias Cormann over travel bookings: ‘It’s an odd arrangement’

There can’t be any suggestions at all that this was ever intended to be free travel or that it was free travel. It wasn’t. There was obviously a charge carried in the system within the business against that travel, a charge that I assumed had been processed against my credit card but it turns out […]

Meet Mitt Romney’s Mexican Mormon Family (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Part 6/7)

[MODEM NOISES] [GUITAR MUSIC PLAYING] SHANE SMITH: Now because Colonia Lebaron is so close to the American border, they’re totally affected by our immigration policy and, of course, our war on drugs. If America sneezes, Mexico catches cold. And because of this, they are extremely interested in American political policy. You have narco cartels. You […]

Packing Hacks & Tips | How to Pack for a Family Vacation | | Cate Trunnell

Packing Hacks, Packing tips, how to pack for vacation if you’re new to my channel then welcome today’s video is a little bit different it’s not a makeup tutorial or beauty related it’s all about how to pack like an adult when my husband & I first started travelling & flying years ago I used […]

Japan Trip 2016 Tokyo Ikebana(kadō) Japanese art of flower arrangement. “Prelude in C Major”

Mitt Romney’s Family Kidnapped by Cartel (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Part 7/7)

[RADIO STATIC] MITT ROMNEY: I think marijuana should not be legal in this country. I believe it’s a gateway drug to other drug violations. The use of the illegal drugs in this country is leading to terrible consequences. SHANE SMITH: Now we all know Mitt Romney’s stance on drugs, but it was interesting to hear […]

Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony 2019 • 東京大茶会2019 [ENG Sub]

This year once again the Tokyo Grand Tea Ceremony took place in the Hamarikyu Koen. I visited that event together with Yoko and Maddy and we discovered a lot new things. We were welcomed by the musical program. Shamisen and beatboxing – an unfamiliar, but cool combination. You could find the ikebana course this year […]

Rio 2016 Olympics Opening Ceremony | Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

What’s up, everybody? We’re the Vagabrothers. And right now we are in Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Olympic games. We’re down here with LA 2024, the committee pushing for Los Angeles to host the 2024 Olympics. Our mission is to experience not just the games, but everything that happens in the city around them. […]


and use their weapons it’s something muddy and I love Nikki it’s Friday and I meet with my friends Bashir Muhammad and Hammett who take me to experience a Sufi ceremony we leave city of cartoon behind us as to find from demand city on the other side of river nile first if you make […]