Relationship Advice Come From Women With 30+ Years Marriage

Hello! I’ve been married to my husband for 57 years. I’ve been with my husband for almost 46 years. 32 years! 41 and a half year now. It will be 62 years. 49 years now. 63 years. Nearly 48 years. 58 years! 19 years. What do you want your husband to treat you? Hmmm. I […]

Heart Touching Story – Deaf Couple Married Nearly 67 Years!

RUTH: We’ve been married for almost 67 years! MORRIS: My name is Morris. RUTH: I’m Ruth. MORRIS: I’m 88 years old. RUTH: I’m 85 years old. MORRIS: She watches me to make sure I’m not touching her. RUTH: Yeah, these are our graduation pictures RUTH: Yeah, these are our graduation pictures MORRIS: Our graduation pictures […]

You NEED to visit THESE LAKES in Interlaken- Switzerland |Visitando lagos de ensueño en Suiza🏞

[Música] i [Música] les voy a mostrar la vista de hoy [Música] en medio de las montañas [Música] e [Música] d y [Música] hola a todos como están hoy me encuentro en interlaken una ciudad con una belleza clásica en un entorno natural y bueno esta ciudad está entre los lagos y por supuesto vamos […]

Pakistan Travel Vlog (episode two)

so this is definitely the craziest road I've ever been on and the drop is just this is Al Shifa he was taking our snacks hello what is his name he can you ask him what his name is please hola hola hi crew career well Brooke starting to hike and the rest of the […]


yeah so this is our Channel [Applause] logos we got married but first a little ad from our sponsors mango salsa shrimp shrimp The Sun has jalapeno and cilantro this one has a little bit jalapeno and cilantro understand this has cilantro spicy mid spice gotcha is this like office row thank you yeah amazing […]

Beautiful Destinations: Dominican Republic | Go Dominican Republic

How YOU Can Travel Like Me

hey guys and welcome to a very very special video today I am announcing that live the adventure is running group trips that you guys can book this has been a long long time in the making basically right from the start when I began documenting my travels you guys have been asking me how […]

Why You Should Visit San Diego | Summer Shortlist | Travel + Leisure

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort Curacao – A destination of its own…