Making My Wedding Dress! (Part 1)

– Guess who’s getting married!? (wedding song music) (chilled house music) I am getting married, rather too soon for my liking, and I have not got a dress yet, because for quite a few years I have thought, if I get married, then I wanna make my own wedding dress. And I just couldn’t find […]

AMAZING Wedding First Dance – “Dancing on the Clouds” (Kingston Bridal Week 2016)

Emcee: We’re gonna be showcasing “Dancing on the Clouds” Emcee: This is Dancing on the Clouds courtesy of 876 Sounds Emcee: You can book them if you want this effect for your first Dance

Most Astonishing Wedding Decoration Ever | Wedding Celebration | WeddingsOnly


Blended Family Wedding Ceremony with Family Unity Sand

Transcript july Carrie and Stephen July 3, 2012 Sunset Wedding Sullivan’s Island Wedding rings are exchanged Unity Sand Stephen, you may kiss your bride Mr. and Mrs, Vettraino Sunset beach photos A dipped kiss Family photos Congratulations to Carrie, Stephen, and Micah By Reynolds Treasures

How to Plan an Engagement Party | Budget Wedding Planning | Life Like Zoe

Today we are going to talk about planning an engagement party. Hi my name is Zoe and for those of you who don’t know I am currently in the process of planning my wedding so one of the first steps in the whole wedding planning process for us was to have an engagement party and […]

A Sand Blending Ceremony

Have you ever wondered what a sand blending ceremony is all about? Well hopefully this short video will explain it all to you. We’ve started off with a base layer of brown sand. I’ve got one person pouring in their layer of sand. As you can see in this example, it’s green. Shortly we’ll have […]

How Much to Tip Wedding Vendors?

Hi! I’m Bonnie with My Own Bridal, welcome to this week’s video blog! How much to tip wedding vendors is a question that is often asked. Here are a few guidelines to help you from start to finish as well as warnings and tipping best practices for weddings. First of all, I would recommend […]

EP07 – Planning a backyard wedding; a chat with Jas & Simon

Hi, today we’re having a chat with Jas and Simon about their backyard wedding in their newly renovated home; they got the keys just a couple of days prior. And also why you need to hide the location of your leftover gealti stash from your family and friends. This is Unbridely TV. Here’s to you […]

Ready, Set, Go: Episode 1 (Wedding Welcome Bag)

– This is Ready, Set, Go where we’re gonna put your DIY skills to the test in today’s challenge. Let’s meet our contestants. Tell us a little about yourself: Your engagement, your wedding plans, anything you want our viewers to know. – My name is Allie. – And I’m Sam. – And we’re gonna be […]