6 Sneaky Tactics to Get Your Wedding Business On Page 1 of Google | Wedding Business Tips

Happy Chris-ma-ka-wanza-kah! This is the Book More Brides Holiday Triple Play video series. Iím Jeff and Iím here with my wife, Stephanie. ìHow do I get more leads?î Getting in front of more qualified brides is the #1 challenge of wedding vendors. In this video, weíre going to show you 6 sneaky ways to get […]

How We Designed Our Wedding and Cake! | Slice N Rice Wedding Series

– [Both] Wassup, Ninjas? – This is Slice. – And Rice. – It’s about that time baby. Let’s get started with the SLICEnRICE Wedding Series, and what better way to start than with how we designed our wedding? – So, I think the biggest thing that we wanted for our wedding was for it to […]

Wedding Dress Shopping | The White Room Review | Lifestyle | Life Like Zoe

today I am going to be reviewing my experience wedding-dress shopping at the white room in Lebanon Tennessee the white room has two locations one in Lebanon Tennessee and one in Murfreesboro Tennesse. I personally did my shopping at the location in Lebanon I may go to the Murfreesboro location in the future because they […]

Wedding Industry Trends | Are We Doomed? The Truth About Wedding Industry Trends

This is Wedding Industry Trends with Stephanie and Jeff, and we are discussing, and occasionally fighting about, the reality of trends in the wedding industry right now. My reality is correct! Here’s a sample and some excerpts of emails that we got from wedding vendors discussing the state of the wedding industry. This came from […]

Wedding Business Marketing | How Do You Stand Out From the Competition? – Wedding Marketing Tip #4

Welcome to Wedding Business Markeing Tips with Steph and Jeff from Book More Brides. If you’ve ever felt like you have so many competitors that brides can’t tell the difference between you and the competition, we’re about to introduce you to some special guests who can teach us all a thing or two about standing […]

Wedding Marketing | How to Stop the Price Question Wedding Marketing Tips #1

Welcome to Wedding Marketing Tips for wedding marketing professionals, I’m Stephanie and this is Jeff and we’re from Book More Brides. So how do you answer the price question? I know you’ve experienced this. You pick up the phone, they’re like, “Hi. How much do you cost?” Do you feel a little trapped by this? […]

48 Websites Where You Can Get Free Wedding Marketing! | Wedding Marketing Tips

Happy Holidays! Welcome back to the Book More Brides Holiday Triple Play video series. Iím Jeff and this is my wife, Stephanie, wearing a REAL holiday hat this time. Does FREE marketing, the kind that actually works, even exist? In todayís video, weíll reveal 14 Websites where you can market your business for free so […]

Bride World – Los Angeles Convention Center – July 20-21, 2019

so Cal's largest wedding expo is bride world expo shop and compare hundreds of wedding venues photographers bridal gowns entertainers florists invitations new ideas and great bargains activities include fashion shows prize giveaways do-it-yourself seminars and free magazines don't miss the biggest and best wedding planning Expo click now for 50% off tickets at bride […]

This Is Forever Bride

we wanted to create a sense of community in the wedding industry and so we created forever bride forever bride is a place for brides to come who are planning their wedding who want to find that perfect vendor that fits in with their vision we help prize in the Twin Cities connect with these […]