Hey everybody! I was struggling for like one hour before I finally found a good place to record this video. Because I really wanted to record outside because it’s a beautiful day and it’s really warm outside. But it’s a little bit of wind. So the wind was destroying the sound, you know, with wind […]

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Muslim sex tourism: Indian women sold into marriage

We meet Muneera Khan in a women´s shelter in Hyderabad. She says she is 19 years old. She doesn´t know her exact date of birth. In her face, the tragic of her life is mirrored. She says she was 11 years old when her parents sold her, for 50,000 Rupees (800 Euros). “I wasn´t asked […]

Emma Watson speech for HeForShe Second Year Anniversary (20/9/16)

But first we will hear from a woman who has lent her name and voice to this important solidarity movement un women [Goodwill] [ambassador] thought leader and leading actor Emma Watson gosh I’m so overwhelmed Thank you to everyone that has shared their story tonight and has contributed to what has been the most heartwarming […]

Brides Guess The Cost of Wedding Dresses

Kimmett on The Couch: Look Younger Walking Upwind.

this is how you should always look on the first date just like always make sure your face is kind of up like this and its really good like I live on an island so I find if I go for a walk with a new man that I’m interested in I was like walking […]

How modern families increase social inequality | The Economist

The family has always been a central building block of society But families have changed dramatically in the rich world… …over the past 50 years You may kiss your wonderful life partner and your wife… He knows he has a donor He knows that we’re both his parents He knows he doesn’t have a dad […]

How to Increase Engagement on Your Videos

(inspiring music) – Hey, I’m Keri Murphy, and welcome back to Inspired Living TV, where we inspire lives and empower entrepreneurs. And I first have to say congratulations. You have started to use video, you understand the power of video, and now you’re wondering, how do I get people to actually engage in my videos, […]

How To Book Speaking Engagements

(light music) – Hi, I’m Keri Murphy, and welcome to Inspired Living TV, where we inspire lives and help entrepreneurs become industry icons. If you are someone who really wants to make a big difference in the world, you wanna make great money and a great impact, this video is a must watch. I’m going […]