Living in Japan : Japanese Apartment Tour

hello and welcome to Dave tripping so somebody had the suggestion the other day that we might do an apartment tour but I thought we would go one better than that and actually do a tour of outside our house by a couple feet or my house we live in the same building Dean and […]


so I ghosted my job hey guys it's Sami and today I just scared the crap out of buddies over there an Tina did you wake up did you wake up from really baby now boo boo boo boo hoo as you can tell I am not in my room again I am seeing at […]

Ray Rice knocked out fiancee in elevator get released…

Ravens have terminated running back Ray Rice's contract this afternoon which means he's done he is no longer a Baltimore rape of Ray Rice's NFL career you're looking at the video right now and the question is why the NFL never saw this video this is a ray rice in his den fiancee in the […]

Botswana – Our Pride, Your Destination

welcome to beautiful Botswana where the warmth of her people and wildlife is welcoming with a vibrancy of her land echoes in the unforgettable voices of her people come and see Botswana in her splendour a place to live work and invest which one our pride your destination

Love DOES NOT Make Marriage Work by Dr Myles Munroe (Must Watch!) Animated

[Música] y esto de este mal mirar el largo [Música] para ti [Música] no dónde [Música] entramos al mar o [Música] hola [Música] para animales [Música] [Música] no [Música] y marte [Música] tenemos da [Música] será el resultado dentro de ella [Música] puede que no [Música] la exmiss a la que la seña m [Música] […]

DIY Instagram Photo Album | Sea Lemon | Oh Joy Digital Baby Shower

Travel chaos?

did the holiday of your dreams take an unexpected turn don't let a travel mishap ruin your trip air and rail passengers traveling in EE you have rights find out what to do when things go wrong check in with your Europe before your next trip your Europe help and advice on your life work […]

Destination Czech Republic: Living and Working in Europe

blessed with many mountains hills and lakes the Czech Republic is a veritable paradise for nature lovers the country also has a very rich architectural patrimony its homes one of the densest concentrations of UNESCO classified monuments in Europe its capital Prague a favorite with tourists has been nicknamed the city of a hundred towers […]

Destination Malta: Living and Working in Europe

the Republic of Malta is the smallest state in the European Union of which he became a member in 2004 because of its position of the crossroads of Mediterranean shipping routes between East and West many civilizations have left their prints there the letter is the fortified capital of Malta the largest island in the […]

Public Holiday Fails

"A summer job fail." "In a clothing store." "And now for a summer job EPIC fail." "Don't get trampled for nothing this public holiday." "Most people get paid for working public holidays." "For example, if you work in a shop it's likely you're covered by the retail award." "And you'll get paid more, for working […]