Teacher Tells Black Student: ‘We Don’t Need Another Black President’

Teacher Tells Black Student: ‘We Don’t Need Another Black President’

a teacher told a black student we don’t
need another black president raw story is reporting
that a teacher in ohio has been suspended for allegedly telling an ambitious young
african-american student but the country just doesn’t need
another black president according to The Cincinnati Enquirer Gill Boyd with suspended without pay
from Fairfield freshman school which is the first step
or termination the teacher has 10 days to ask for a hearing before the school board or a referee now
Superintendent Paul Otten said this occurred wild boy was
speaking to a black student who had presidential aspirations and he
allegedly said we do not need another black president
this is the comment where I start to to get a little bit upset Louis
Fairfield City School Board President Dan Murray explained we take diverse city in our school seriously with tolerance of people who are different you take it so
seriously that you tolerate those who are
different that sounds to me Lewis like a pretty
low bar I it’s kinda weird statement yeah I mean I
don’t think there is any any harm in it I think you’re just very
very poorly worded voigt has also received for other
reprimands in recent years one for an inappropriate racial comment in 2008 he makes about seventy four thousand
dollars a year which is about thirty three thousand dollars more than the
average Ohio Public Employees here’s up here’s me saying maybe he
didn’t mean something that bad Louis okay what do you think about this maybe he was just making sure that the
student new it isn’t mandatory that the president be
black because maybe the student didn’t know that seeing seeing president Obama is that possible
is that maybe what he meant well considering that he said this in
response to a young black student expressing
presidential aspirations I I would say that that no it was probably extremely racist and derogatory I can’t
help but feel like this is the type of teacher that used to tell the smart
african-american standout students that they should be studying woodworking
instead of encouraging them to be doctors or lawyers or scientist it feels
kind of like an extension of that this is incredible David the salary this
guy was making i mean are I think I’d rather have a shoe teaching
children how soon does he start hosting the culture warrior segment on Bill
O’Reilly’s Fox News show that the real question orders you make an appearance on don’t
duck dynasty remember writing that he is replacing Phil Robertson go think a break next we’ll talk to
howard blume join us on facebook facebook dot com slash David Pakman show it’s great to be
here on the second to last show up 2013

48 thoughts on “Teacher Tells Black Student: ‘We Don’t Need Another Black President’

  • Neil Degrasse Tyson has a story where as an 11 year old he was encouraged by the teacher to go into basketball instead of astronomy

  • Despite his opinion on Obama which he is entitled to have (but not to express to students) he basically told this kid that all black people are the same.

  • I don't care whether the next President is black, white, Latin American, or Asian. What we don't need is another President who is lapdog for corporate America, which is what most of our Presidents, in the past few decades – whether Republican or Democrat, black or white – have been. 

  • Howard Bloom the climate change denier? That guy is just to full of himself thinking he has better grasp on climate science than the scientists in that field.
    Produce a fuckin scientific paper if you think you know so much better i would say. 

  • I'm not for sure but I think part of the Cincinnati area is very racist.  I was there last June just after the Supreme Court rulings and I saw some pretty nasty yard signs and some Confederate flags.  Something about marriage was made in heaven and so was thunder and lightening.  I thought:   what a load of…  So, I guess they think that a man in the sky made marriage and thunder and lightening.  I wonder if NASA would agree with them?  No, I think not.  Science and reason have an explanation for why thunder and lightening exist.   Also, so far, the biblical heaven hasn't been located but millions of stars and planets have.  I think this teacher is a throwback and shouldn't be teaching at all.  I think Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson would agree with me and he is an astrophysicist. 

  • what makes people / students "different" ? and why should they be "tolerated" ? I think the teacher was a right wing tea bagger…why he is in education is a mystery

  • What the teacher should have said is "We do not need another Bush or Obama." As both of your last two presidents have been horrible. Then went on to tell the student to "Be a better President."

  • If the teacher just volunteered that comment that seems inappropriate. If however the student said he wanted to be president because he was black I can understand why the teacher would say that.

  • People elect Presidents based on who they think is the best candidate. Only a small percentage base qualifications on which Church they belong to. The majority understand the purpose of separation of church and state. Middle Eastern nations that govern by religion and form policy on religious beliefs are rightfully scorned by the west yet there are those who want to bring this form of government to the US. In modern times, being religious and being Godly are no longer the same. Many who claim to have "Christian values" and advocate prolife could care less if that child is treated with equality, has health care, enough food or quality
    education. Electing a Pres based on his/her religious belief goes against everything we stand for.

  • This is disgraceful.ALL children should be taught and encouraged to aspire, regardless of race or colour.
    This teacher in question needs 10 years hard labour for putting down this young person.
    Terminate his contract and bar him from teaching for life !!!!!!!!

  • WOW! sheeples are so funny, who cares about the Presidency, what really matters is who is printing the MONEY for the Society! Everything else is irrelevant, until you realizes he who controls the money controls the Society.

  • Wow that Teacher has got some ball to tell a Black Student to his face We Don't Need Another Black President especially with all the PC bullshit now in the U.S.A and the wold today!!…I bet if a black Teacher Tells WHITE Student: 'We Don't Need Another WHITE President it would not even make ink print in local news papers let alone international media coverage !!! DOUBLE STANDARDS 

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