This Is Our Prom: A Prom To De-Gender | MTV News

27 thoughts on “This Is Our Prom: A Prom To De-Gender | MTV News

  • I love how these people are so confident in who they are and how the video shows how to be comfortable in your skin.

  • it's too bad that so few people dare to really be themselves and when they do they are more likely than not bullied and shamed for not conforming to social expectations 🙁 mad respect to all of you in the video!

  • Everyone in this video owned it so hard oh my lord. Crush the gender binary and work those outfits tbh <3

  • I don't understand people who are threatened by this, people are feeling good about themselves and having fun. Why do you need to be mean about it? That makes no sense to me. Also, this video left out some more of the amazing people of color that were on the article!

  • If these folks want to go around looking like clowns, that's their business.  But I don't appreciate anyone linking this with being gay.  The large majority of cross-dressers are heterosexual.  And the overwhelming majority of gay youth have no desire to dress this way, will never dress this way, and would have no desire to attend their prom looking like this.

  • Loving the glittery beard. Luckily for prom I was able to dress the way I want (all I wanted was to wear a suit, which was fine considering I'm male) But this one girl in our school wanted to wear a suit and even though there were no rules against it, some people flipped the fuck out.

  • For some reason i feel like they are switching stuff around. How is wearing like the other gender a "de-gender"? Its like flip flop game that recognizes genders roles strictly and applies them on the opposite.

    Well good thing they're doing what they want

    i just feel like if you want to really degender then don't use genderized qualities. Maybe that would turn with something even better and will open up more creative possibilities.

  • Yeah, no. public funded schools should kept to the status quo. If a private school wants to change things up, then by all means, go wild. Public high school should be neutral as possible to maintain  the learning environment.

  • Thank you so much for doing this, I have struggled with choosing between one side of the binary and the other when it comes to clothes and expression my whole life, and this was so great to see.

  • If the schools ever encouraged a dress code like this, I'm freakin homeschooling my kids…what the heck has this world turned into…

  • What a fabulous bunch of prom quings 🙂 great role models. I wish I had had this kind of thing floating around social media when I was in high school.

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