Trailer | Extreme Engagement | Netflix Original Series

Trailer | Extreme Engagement | Netflix Original Series

the moment I saw PJ I was head over
heels so I proposed to her. Yes yes yes yes yes. And that moment was everything I dreamed of. We want to find out if we’re really ready for marriage so we’ll spend
the next year in eight of the world’s toughest places finding out how men and
women in the most remote tribes get their relationships to work. I’m wanna
christen that hut. Not like that you’re disgusting. I think Tim is going to discover I’m my own girl. Don’t do it, don’t do it … oh no way. Can you stop faffing about because I’m ready to go. Am I an adrenaline junkie? I suppose yes you could call me that. My god, this is so scary! You’re not a pubescent teenager anymore. I didn’t think you needed to keep proving yourself. If this is the Tim that I’m
expected to live with on the road for the next year, we are in big trouble. What should a marriage be, PJ? Oh my God, guess what Tim – not this. If you’ve got that many doubts then why are we together? We’ve been through better and worse in
sickness … he is withering with pain … and in health. Till death do us part, I feel like we’re dying
every time we go on one of these bloody adventures.

20 thoughts on “Trailer | Extreme Engagement | Netflix Original Series

  • oh my god !!!! so happy to find you !!! I'm so excited to see your videos. They are the best in the world. This is for you to see the world. You are very very beautiful. I love you .JF

  • You're awesome Tim, always respectful of other cultures if your ever in Georgia would love to have a beer w yah!

  • Nice Tim! You're amazing! I'm looking forward to premiere here in Brazil ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ท

  • hey tim just watching this on netflix….im quite shocked at how your girlfriend talks down to you and belittles you alot in this programme…she mentioned in one bit how shes concerned you need to be praised alot but to be fair all i can see is her putting you down, calling your ideas stupid and is actually acting like someones mother as opposed to a partner…also the bit where she was upset with you for going in and out of that hut to check on her during a ritual when in fact she was the one making a fuss and saying how gross everything was so i dont blame u for trying to help her…yet she did not appreciate it and behaved like u ruined it for her…..also the bit where u were flying over papa new guinea and she buts in your talky bit about how you arent doing a travel show and that u arent david attenborough….very narcissitic behaviour, i sure hope during the rest of your adventures she lightens up and becomes more humble…otherwise i may have to switch off shes always complaining about something…sounds like a spoilt madam and her name so suits her…i wish you luck cos unless she stops talking down to you your relationship could only further emasculate you. makes me cringe to listen to some of the stuff she says to you…..geeeez lighten up pj and give your man some respect!!!

  • i do love your enthusiam and that your are still in touch with your inner child, you are very respectful of other peoples cultures too tim and its a joy to watch u getting stuck in and loving every minute of it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • This show is a fucking travesty and I cant believe Netflix allowed it on their service. If you want to be mind numbed by idiotic white people shoving their noses in other cultures and insulting each other AND the people they're supposed to learn from, this is the show for you. These two should not be together and they certainly shouldn't be given a camera and access to other cultures. Everything is disgusting or dangerous to them and they don't even act like they like each other, let alone love each other. The show should be renamed The White Straights Are At It Again.

  • sooooo happy, im here 2 days watching you two, having fun and and also having a revelation on my relationship.-

  • Iโ€™m almost done with this series and Iโ€™ve got to say she is so rude and annoying! Ive been trying to have sympathy for her but she has no respect,communication skills, and sheโ€™s so insensitive!

  • I watched every episode. A lot of the things you guys went through is similar to us when we traveled Latin America. We had some of the EXACT REACTIONS AND THOUGHTS lol. We also had our own ceremony that was planned by other people who loved us like the people in the last episode. We didn't pay so it was so nice and no family, just good friends who did everything!! It's funny but I relate to Tim the most and my husband is like PJ. We are always together. It's been 5 years now and honestly cannot see myself with anyone else when we already been through so much together. It's just so special memories to look back on. I am glad you guys stuck through the commitment cus it reminded exactly of us and what we went through. We are each other's best friends and everything. The love and growth does NOT STOP AT MARRIAGE LOL. You guys have such a good foundation already, if you go through the hard parts and really stick to commitment, you're going to get more in depth in cultivating emotional, love, and sexual bonds. It doesn't stop at marriage! Ill mention it again ๐Ÿ™‚ I think once you guys grow older together at some point you guys are just going to marry cus it feels natural. When you try to include family and finances and all this other factors, that IS ALWAYS PRESSURE!! We didn't marry like that yet but we know it will come after doing the other more chill version of ceremony under God and witnesses to our commitment. I love calling him husband and he loves calling me wifey.

  • Thanks again for sharing such a wonderful series <3 this was my favorite on Netflix EVER btw. It touched EVERYTHING I am passionate about as a person from indigenous cultures, traveling, and relationships etc. I think PJ is a really special woman. I could see she has barriers, but for me she's special to the core, she reminds me of my husband. It takes one to look into the gold of her heart and bring it out more, it takes time. It's easy to focus on flaws and misunderstandings and what is said… but her actions showed otherwise, like she really loves you even if she doesn't verbalize it perfectly.. I felt she reflected a lot of my husbands actions and sacrifices for me. I hope you guys cherish each other always and continue seeing the gold of each other's hearts behind all the barriers the world tries to tell who you are and the flaws that can sometimes feel overpowering. Never lose sight of each other's true innocence. It's always still there. Just have to clear the fog and noise and be in a safe place to be one again without all the cameras and people who like to talk. That's important and you guys deserve that. Anyways that was it. I felt very connected to the series and only hope for best and more to come! Peace and blessings <3

  • Saw this on Netflix and watched a bit -it was really bad!! Who wants to see a self absorbed people prance around the world? The guy is thinks he is the bomb and is completely in love with himself, the woman all the while puts up with with his sh_t while being completely uninteresting herself. Insufferable and a waste of time and Netlfix's budget.

  • Thus guy is a fucking pussy and tries way too hard to not show how emotionally weak he is. O.o she deserves so much better ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  • Wow, I really feel bad for Tim. Although I love this adventure! I can see what drew him to this woman. She is obviously gorgeous and confident, charismatic and unapologetic. However: She is constantly chipping away at him. At his confidence, his joy. I would definitely say she is a covert narcissist. I am now watching the episode where she can't cry and Tim is explaining this from his own empathetic stand point. He thinks she is running away from painful feelings and has a wall up. The truth is that covert narcissists do not have very deep emotions. They 'feed' of other peoples emotions. Mostly by constantly throwing people close to them out of balance in very subtle ways. Also she is putting him on a sex diet (after the initial fase of love bombing and passionate sex) while blaming everything on circumstances and people outside of herself. A narcissist is never accountable for anything. They will always blame the other. They often choose empaths as partners. I feel this came out when they had the reading in china where they said her heart was not soft and Tim's is. She immediately makes fun of Tim for that. Just YouTube 'covert narcissism'.
    Also Tim is an adrenaline-lover and having a relationship with a covert narcissist feeds right into this. They will only feed you breadcrumbs of approval and sex. They make it harder and harder to get any form of approval, so this can even create a pattern of addiction in the brain and is attractive for a chaser like Tim. Truth is that the love bombing fase never comes back.

  • these two clearly should not be together. they are not compatible and she is the problem. she and he should not get married.

  • She was so cruel! She called you an idiot all the time! She always pooh-poohs everything sheโ€™s always rude and uninteresting and giving a stink face and it is hard to watch!

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