• Cool stuff you got there! The mermaid theme is cute! I also see kind of a Mickey/Minnie Mouse theme there with all the combs and clippers and pacifiers and stuff! I bet she will like Skye from Paw Patrol too! And you're going to have a million bows for her! I guess the more the better for her! I like that you are collecting books for when she is older so she can read to her kids! My mom is doing that for her grandchildren! The more you read to a child the more they will engage in reading themselves when they're older! I love to read, mainly about medical conditions lol! Or travel books so I will know what to do in whatever city we travel to! I am currently reading a Boston Frommer's travel guide book because I love to read about history and about the Freedom Trail and the Revolutionary War! It also has a section on day trips to Salem and other surrounding cities! I went to Boston when I was about 10 years old because my dad loves the Red Sox! They are his favorite team! I've even been to some of the games at Fenway Park! Very cool experience! I even got a first-timers photograph with one of the players on it! It was cool! The fun thing about Boston is it is so historical and there's a lot to explore! From museums to colleges and churches and monuments dedicated to the founding of our country, there's a lot to choose from! Well sorry about the long post! I just like to talk about places I travel to! If you ever come our way (West Tennessee between Nashville and Memphis) feel free to stop by my house! I would love to have Noah come to my house and play with my things! By the way, I'm a fan of #Noah! Thanks for sharing!

  • Where is that autism cup from? I have a 10 yr old with autism and would love one of those cups. ❤

  • Lex is so cute, he looks so much like his sister Danielle! Danielle is very pretty and such a fine young lady!

  • Hello nice to meet you I was just wondering how can I do a P.O. Box like a baby shower for my second baby

  • I love this video! Everything is just so cute. I saw the pictures of baby Penelope on Instagram, she is even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined!

  • That is a massive Haul!!! lol The headband with the matching leggings are so dang cute!! Congrats again love ❤️😍

  • I had a girl after two boys and I named her Penelope loved that name and I was so happy to be able to use it. She’s 3 now. 😊

  • Heard there was a vortex in the USA hope you weren't caught up in it if you were hope you are ok xx
    Sending love from Britain

  • You know I’ve watched a bunch of these and you are so sincere! I feel that you’re almost embarrassed by the things you put on for “you” to buy and your fans bought- which says so much about your character! You are a fantastic mother! I’m so excited for your new little one! Congratulations she’s beautiful!! Prayers for health and happiness for your entire family! It’s such a blessing watching you all grow!

  • I'm glad people are helping you out!! Very nice of them. I wish people would do this for my baby but it's okay. 😁 I only have 3 months to go and I'm so excited.
    I remember the princess book from when a was little too.

  • Girlllll💕💕 I just cant wait tell baby P comes even know you just wanna hold her and kiss her I LOVE You LANDing Crew💕💕🍼🍼🧸🧸

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