Visit Brussels – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Brussels, Belgium

30 thoughts on “Visit Brussels – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Brussels, Belgium

  • manneken pis was several times stolen in his history and yeah manneken pis is life size you cant expect a statue of 30 feet now do you . you cant expext the same service in brussels then in america where you have to leave the table after 30 or 45 minutes for the next customer different continent different way's get over it and it's still safer anywhere in europe then in most american city's where people can cary guns and are happily to use them

  • As an American who travels to Europe as well not all of us want the bells and whistles of excitement as if we're visiting time square! Give us subjective thought. thanks

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you! In Brussels right now and this was spot on.
    I negotiated the M system after a fair bit of study. Not nearly as nice as Amsterdam's.
    The area around the MIDI station gets particularly dodgy so beware. If you think he is exaggerating about the crime, the wireless password at a well-known bar is "BEWARETHEPICKPOCKETS" in all caps!

  • Please do not leave Brussel without visiting BAGEL CORNER on Rue de treves 36 and eating NY Gourmet Bagel ; it is out of this world , you never imagined a bagel melting in your mouth and releasing different pockets of flavors and crunchiness . It is just addictive and you never tasted something similar in the old USA .

  • I had good experiences in Belgium, but in Antwerp, not one but two railroad employees misdirected me which cost me both time and money.

  • Brussels has great arcitecture, food and bee. Go to the cartoon museum ( Tintin, Asterix, Lucky Luke ), Grand Place, Manneken Pis, Atomium etc. Enjoy the food and all the good beer and chocalate at Grand Place and around the small pubs there. You can sit there for hours just watching people enjoying beer, wine, canapes and other good stuff. The main food street, that is called rue des bouchers is not what it used to be. Basically all the restaurant seem to be owned by the same people and does not have the friendly atmosphere as it used to have. There are many other places with good food and atmosphere though.  It would look a bit wierd if Manneken Pis wich is supposed to portray a small boy were 2 meter in size …

  • Things I like about Brussels: Everything that's have to do with the Native Culture there
    Things I don't like about Brussels: The mass influx of muslims.

  • Geez. I live in an American city that constantly ranks #1 for tourists and even with the amount of people constantly coming here none of them act as douchey as you do in this.

  • If you make the mistake to bring your car DO NOT use the ring road of Brussels at ANY TIME, ANY DAY, especially the east part!! The traffic is a nightmare…Also please note that only the centre has some interest to visit, especially the Grand Place. Do not go in places like Anterlecht (it can also be dangerous at night) or suburbs like Ixelles etc…there is nothing to see in the 90-95% of the city!

  • Do not bring your car with you when visiting Brussels!!! Big no no…the parking is a nightmare and the traffic police will hunt you down anywhere and everywhere to fine you and/or tow your car and make you pay 300 euros to fet it back!

  • Just been there. Agree, Brussels is a shithole and I don't say this lightly. Dirty, confusing and sad. It seems like there are no local people there and the city is just instrumental to the European Institutions and immigration.
    Didn't find it that expensive though

  • I lived 5 years in brussels before i saw manneke pis. The rue des bouchers… i never went eating there 🙂 But you forgot the main "hate" thing: it's grey and filthy.

  • Lived there for a year and traveled to many countries in Europe. Brussels and Belgium in general remains one of my favorite places. There certainly is a lot to do and see in Brussels. Loads of events to go to, so much to see. Take the metro around and get out of the city center. The people are also very friendly.

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