What To Look For In A Husband – Shaykh Hamza Yusuf | Part 2

30 thoughts on “What To Look For In A Husband – Shaykh Hamza Yusuf | Part 2

  • Masha Allah. If I ever get rich, I will help brothers pay dowry and get married. I will try my best to help people stay away from immorality. Sisters please don't ask for a huge dowry and Allah will bless your marriage.

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  • MaashaaAllah love your posts. I kindly urge you to perform a minor correction in the subtitles at time 2:14, where it says "So he was telling him". I suggest that you remove the "him" as it does not fit with what Shaykh Hamza Yusuf had said. Thank you. And keep posting! Your posts will help me in becoming a good Muslim InnshaaAllah! 😊

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  • Women are not weak!!!!!!! They can make their own choices about who they marry. Women, trust your good hearts to choose a noble man. You instincts will guide you. You are blessed with intuition, intelligence, maternal instinct and a tough physical body, you can contribute to your environment in a unique way so very differently from a man, is this worth anything to you? If so than believe in yourself as a unique creation and look for an equal partner in the man you wish to marry!!!! To all men; there is a woman somewhere who is seeking the goodness in you, trust her!

  • SubhanAllah amazing video MashaAllah jazakAllah khairan for sharing shekh May Allah bless and reward you and your family and guide us all to the right path and grant us all righteous knowledge of our Deen Ameeeeen ❤️💚♥️💖💜

  • Религиозность (Дин.) и хороший характер ( хульк) очень важны в выборе мужа. . я просто коротко перевела )).

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