Will You Marry Me ? Supreme Bff LOL Surprise Wedding Proposal Fail – Toy Video

Will You Marry Me ? Supreme Bff LOL Surprise Wedding Proposal Fail - Toy Video

cookies worlds all right cookie bans today's video was requested by one of my cookie fans you should do a video when leather proposes to lace I hope you enjoy this lol video dude whoa no ha it's nice right I don't even want to know how much this cost you so you think she's gonna love it love it she's totally gonna love it I love it I don't say this very often but that it's a beautiful ring lace is really lucky oh thanks dude really nervous I hope everything goes good you know I'm sure it will what's the plan again how are you gonna propose to her oh dude it's gonna be so perfect I got the whole thing planned first we're gonna go for a horse-drawn carriage ride all around the city it's supposed to take us to this really beautiful spot with like roses and there's like a swan and a lake it's really pretty she's gonna love it she's gonna gasp then a train doug is to fly bouquet of flowers right into her arms and as she smells the flower I'll be right there to show her the ring to save lace will you marry me she will say yes sounds pretty good man it's pretty good plan Thanks like you said I'm super excited just very nervous I hope it all goes well well if you need anything just call me all right all right hello it's leather oh yeah right right it's the carriage guy I gotta go see you later bye again if you need anything let me know yeah that's fine too horses are great hello leather hey lace are you ready for our date that's right I thought we would have the most special date ever come on head step on up lace are you okay oh no are you gonna be okay yeah let me see oh it looks like I scraped my knee a little bit no do you want me to go inside and get you a band-aid do you need a doctor no you'll be fine come on this is gonna be fun I love horses this is gonna be amazing are you sure you're gonna be okay yeah are you ready yep we're ready yeah where are we going anyways oh it's a surprise you'll see what is it no it's not me I had a shower no sorry about that horse smell nice do you have to turn away like that sorry just turning away from this now this isn't going how I planned Hey look we're here we're here I can't look yet it still smells too stinky to look straight ahead whoa now come on out lace okay I'm gonna hold my breath one two oh wow okay I never knew a horse could smell like that before I hope that didn't ruin the moment you could never ruin a moment lace look look into the sky oh oh that bird it looks like it's a dog and it's got something for you they're flying right over here oh just one flower in the bouquet no you were supposed to get all of them not one flower this is turning out to be a disaster what is everything you're come on over here there's a there's a really pretty Swan over here come on over here going it's a both stay here man almost everything is ruined what's ruined leather lace I have a question for you will you be mine and wear this wear this empty box what empty I must have dropped it where's the ring I know did the Swan take it what are you looking for leather I had something and it was in my pocket but now but now it's not there did you check your pockets again oh let me see these you're absolutely perfect and I want to marry you will you marry me disaster in a total fail everything basically went wrong oh I love a wedding hey cookie vans who remembers what color was the bird that dropped those flowers was in a black bird white brown or a purple yep that's right there are purple birds but what color was one that dropped the flower spiky fans

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